Current Situation

Branch staff are usually tied to teller stations or representative desktops. This mandates that customers navigate the branch, often without guidance, to accomplish the goals for their visit. There is very little flexibility or differentiation of services, often leading to customer frustration.

Goals & Objectives for Digital Transformation

Provide mobile capabilities to the branch staff, by enabling personalized service and more effective interactions. Integrate the automated systems at the branch (ATM, kiosk) with the staff systems to provide a more connected experience.

Technology Deployed
  • Enterprise mobility¬†(mobile applications, data, security, and device management)
  • Unified communications
  • User-accessible WiFi
  • Concierge (greeter) technologies (calendaring, queuing, customer authentication)
  • Integrated automated and staffed systems
Use Case

Empower branch staff to provide a fluid environment in the branch to “come to the customer” and better enable greeter services, queue busting, and warmer handoffs between specialists, including remote experts.